Digital Marketing

Even if your page is the most attractive, it will not be functional and effective without a good online marketing strategy. That you appear in the first positions of the search engines through keywords related to your theme, is essential. We are experts in web page optimization; We carry out market and competition studies, choosing the best strategy to later carry out all the necessary actions that help your website improve its online presence.

Online Store

With us you can create an online store where you can sell all your products. We create and configure everything you need, such as a product catalog, payment methods, shipping costs and more. We know what your store needs to be productive on the internet and we drive it to achieve sales.

Marketing and sales intelligence
CRM that tracks marketing costs and calculates ROI automatically. Manage which marketing channels, campaigns or even keywords offer the best return on investment and help you close more deals.

Multi-channel CRM for marketing
Launch email, SMS, telemarketing, voicemail and retargeting campaigns on Facebook / Google from your CRM.

To grow we must innovate and move towards the future

All our projects are carried out in a professional way, making a study of your needs and following the best strategy to achieve the desired objectives. Having a professional website is the best way to popularize your brand and give an excellent image to each client that comes to you. We adapt and make web designs for mobile phones, optimizing the page load and adapting the design in an ideal way.

We are a website design and development company made up of qualified professionals with years of experience in creating quality websites and online stores.

We advise and inform the client about which is the best option and what they need for their project to succeed on the internet.

Leads generation
To increase the sales of your company, you only need lead generation strategies associated with social networks to increase your conversions.

At EG Connects we have top-quality staff and the tools to get prospects with a high conversion rate with great automation tools that streamline the process to achieve your sales. Positioning in the networks is the best and safest way to get potential clients.
SMS AND Email Marketing

Discover how email marketing can boost your business, due to its personalization and segmentation capacity, it is one of the most efficient ways to increase the conversion and recurrence of your potential customers, in addition to being an economical and costly means that is always keep stable.

SMS marketing is a direct and efficient channel to keep in touch with your customers and increase the performance of your business. Send bulk SMS campaigns to your database with the best prices.

Our goal is to provide you with the platform with the tools so that you can execute these types of marketing at the lowest possible cost and with the best automation technology on the market.

Our services

Web design

Generation of solutions in web programming and online communication (corporate identity, creation of web design and usability)

Marketing campaings

Creation of online marketing campaigns. Google Adwords, sms & email marketing, Social Media Ads.

Marketing strategies

Design and implementation of comprehensive email marketing plans and strategies, to go through the complete cycle from generating new contacts to converting them into new customers and more sales.

Plans and budgets

Advice on managing the digital marketing budget


Strategies for promoting your company. Digital marketing, e-commerce.


Brand development, branding

About us

We unite, connect and grow with you

EG Connects offers different business tools that can help your clients run their business on a completely different level. Our services can solve many problems that your clients face on a daily basis. Affordable prices and the benefits of each sale are high for you and your customers.

We create business and insurance intelligence to help your business be bigger, better and more solid in customer acquisition and sales hand in hand with the best service and the best follow-up control.