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By using CRM you will be part of a customer-oriented strategy in which all actions have the ultimate goal of improving service and relationships with your customers and potentials. This tool that we have for you, along with customer orientation, provide demonstrable results, both by having a structured commercial management that enhances sales productivity and by offering in-depth knowledge of the customer that allows you to plan marketing campaigns more effective.

One of the keys behind these improvements is the automation of processes, through which you can significantly improve efficiency without involving additional effort, connecting customer service with other departments and areas of the organization to achieve a more proactive service delivery.

In this package we offer you:

➡SMS and email marketing
➡Conversion analytics
➡Automation of prospects
➡Capturing of leads on social networks
➡Support 24/7

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Get a plan that works for any size business, including 5G access. Regardless of whether your business is large or small, we have unlimited plans that will help keep you practically anywhere you do business. Help your team stay productive with great deals from T-Mobile for Business.
With excellent service at an incredible price, and a national 5G network, we are dedicated to offering you the plans, benefits and solutions you need to power your small business.

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Our goal with the training system is to prepare an entire staff for the immediate execution of various tasks in your organization, provide opportunities for continuous development and change the attitude of people to create a more satisfactory work environment among employees, increase their motivation and make them more receptive to supervisory and management techniques.

In this package we offer you:

➡Phone line
➡Customer service
➡Medicare Program
➡Product management
➡Communication platform
➡Support 24/7
eg connects, ecommerce, connect, customer service, crm minutes eg black old phone


We offer you an unlimited minutes plan, with which you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a telephone line, manage a database of more than 350 million people, also including a predictive system.

Intended for the entire United States and with support available every day and hour of the week (24/7).

In this package we offer you:

➡Phone line
➡Minutes for the entire US
➡Predictive dialing and telephone system
➡Support 24/7

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Professional and specialized consulting in various areas, focused mainly on teaching the best ways to manage your resources for the benefit of all aspects of your business.

Through us you will be able to go beyond that vision posed by traditional solutions, achieving greater efficiency and quality.

In this package we offer you the following lines of training:

➡Planning tasks
➡Digitalization of the business
➡Consulting to prospect
➡Sales training plans
➡Training and accompaniment
➡ Leadership training for decision making
➡Support 24/7

About us

We unite, connect and grow with you

EG Connects offers different business tools that can help your clients run their business on a completely different level. Our services can solve many problems that your clients face on a daily basis. Affordable prices and the benefits of each sale are high for you and your customers.

We create business and insurance intelligence to help your business be bigger, better and more solid in customer acquisition and sales hand in hand with the best service and the best follow-up control.