Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition

The on-premise edition of Bitrix24 offers supreme performance, enterprise-grade security, and complete customization. Designed to be hosted on your own server, this version of Bitrix24 comes with full access to the source code and API. An ideal choice for large enterprises and corporate entities.

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High performance

Run as many business processes as you need. Create as many CRM entities as you can. Send as many requests as you have to. Bitrix24 will handle it all and never lag.

Complete customization

Add your corporate branding and colors, customize UI elements and edit source code, integrate your Bitrix24 with just about any third-party app or service imaginable.

Wide range of editions

Choose an On-Premise edition that suits your business needs, pay the full price for the first year and then it’s just 25% of that original price to be paid annually. Anytime you need to increase your user limit, feel free to upgrade your edition.

Two-step authorization

The Bitrix24 OTP and Google Authenticator apps provide one-time password codes for two-step authorization. Even if your password gets stolen, your account will not be accessible to a would-be hacker.

Hosted on your own server

With the on-premise version of Bitrix24, you get your own private cloud suite that is fully under your control - an ideal choice for companies with additional security concerns.

Custom backup rules

Why rely on a standard daily backup when you can set custom backup rules to create reserve copies of important data - the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 gives you just that.

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50 users
USD 2,990

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1000 users
USD 21,242

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